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Newly Acquired Items:

From time to time we locate items that are irresistable. We enjoy watching auctions, gazing at Craigslist and working a deal on the occasional trade out. Stop by the store and check out what's changed since the last time you visited. You never know what you might find!

Consignment yard art. Some of these beautiful pieces are made with original Sluice Box glassware. Many materials for repurpose ideas can be found at BoCo Sluice Box. Priced from $15-$26.50.
Vintage Goblet/challis. Origin Unknown. Silver plated on the outside and gold plated on the inside. This unusual piece is priced at $18.00.

BoCo Sluice Box

609 Main Street Idaho City, Idaho

On the corner where Main Street and Centerville Road meet!

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