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We are BoCo Sluice Box. A menagerie of Antiques, Vintage Knick Knacks and Second Hand Stuff.


We purchased "The Sluice Box"  and it's contents in July of 2014 from the original owners. Those original owners had locked the doors and walked away with the hope of returning to reopen soon. The place ended up being closed for approximately ten years. The builiding had grown in to an icon, notoriously the most photographed building in Idaho. It was dusty, crammed full and in need of attention.  


After making minimal changes we participated in a fundraiser, The Closer to Heaven Mountain Home Tour, where we opened the doors to the public in September of 2014 for one day. After that day's interactions with people and just being around the place and seeing the curiosity it arouses we decided to reopen the business in the spring of 2015. We want people to wonder at the things that were collected and how the building was put together. BoCo Sluice Box will most likely forever be a project in the works. There are many things for the eyes to see. Everything is for sale and everyone can find a great value. BoCo Sluice Box offers a little adventure and a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of our lil' mountain town. We hope that you will come visit and find a treasure of your very own!

BoCo Sluice Box

609 Main Street Idaho City, Idaho

On the corner where Main Street and Centerville Road meet!

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